What does Opalini mean?

What does Opalini mean?

Opalini comes from latin “opalini colori” that means opalescence! But what does it really mean? Opalescence is an optical phenomenon, defined as the ability of a translucent body to get a milky appearance when illuminated by a polychromatic light, such as daylight. In other words, when this body or object is illuminated by a white light - as daylight - it reflects a milky white color. In addition to that, the opalescent objects are capable of absorbing part of the white light, internally redistribute the different wavelengths, reflect the blue and transmit the orange wavelengths. The more transparent the object the better the definition os the blue and orange colors (VANINI, MANGANI, KLIMOVSKAIA. Conservative restoration of anterior teeth, Ed. ACME, 2005).

This is the optical effect observed in the colors of the sky, ranging from blue to orange, depending on the hour of the day. 

Another object known to have this ability is the Opal - a milkily white precious stone, found in Australia and here, in Brazil (in Pedro II - Piauí). This is a rare stone, sold for US$ 120,00 per carat, on average! And it is because of this property that natural teeth have such a special coloring and it is so hard to reproduce it! Tooth enamel is also opalescent!

As I am a fan of this property and have a personal relationship with the learning of this concept, the name of this blog could not be different: it unites the beauty of opalescence with the preciousness of opal stone! That is how we got to the name Opalini! Is this concept clear now? If so, be sure to leave your comment or ask your questions! Your feedback is very important for us to achieve our goal: to present a less complicated and more creative dentistry!

My purpose is to help you gain autonomy through knowledge, facilitating the dentistry and communication. AND how do I do this?

I put myself in your shoed, I identify what is preventing you from being happy with your results and untie the knots by means of a simple and accessible language! I graduated from UNESP | Araçatuba; did my Master and PhD in Operative Dentistry at UNESP Araraquara | I am a Professor of Operative Dentistry at the Federal University of Pelotas | RS.


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