Welcome to the blog Opalini!

Welcome to the blog Opalini!

Our goal is to show you that dentistry can be uncomplicated and creative!

We are doing that by using a simple and accessible language, on social networks - Facebook and Instagram - through our Youtube Channel and also by posting periodically here, on the blog! 

Your questions are my challenge! Interviews, events and congresses coverage, tutorials, reviews on new materials and posts with some special guests are going to be part of it!

And for you to be truly part of it, by sending your questions and suggestions! We are here to help you live a happier life!

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A transparent, precious, light life is what I want for you guys!

Come be a part of this new communication way in dentistry!

My purpose is to help you gain autonomy through knowledge, facilitating the dentistry and communication. AND how do I do this?

I put myself in your shoed, I identify what is preventing you from being happy with your results and untie the knots by means of a simple and accessible language! I graduated from UNESP | Araçatuba; did my Master and PhD in Operative Dentistry at UNESP Araraquara | I am a Professor of Operative Dentistry at the Federal University of Pelotas | RS.


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