A little on the Brazilian KOL Dental Symposium 3M ESPE | St. Paul | Minnesot

A little on the Brazilian KOL Dental Symposium 3M ESPE | St. Paul | Minnesot

While the new Opalini is almost ready to be lauched, I’m here to tell you how was the Brazilian Key Opinion Leader Dental Symposium 3M ESPE, in St. Paul, Minnesota! Imagine something very, but very good, and then multiply it by a million! The meeting could not have been better, especially because of the people and the programming!

The group was formed by 12 opinion leader teachers from different regions of Brazil: Dr. Artur Araujo, Dr. Claudio Heliomar, Dr. Eduardo Passos da Rocha, Dr. Estevam Bonfante, Dr. Francis Lima, Dr. Laerte Schenkel, Dr. Luciano Castellucci, Dr. Luis Gustavo Albino Barrote, Dr. Marcelo Calamita, Dr. Rafael Andreiulo, Dr. Ubiracy Skipjack and I! What a privilege! Travelling with us also Flávia Moraes, Business Development Manager 3M ESPE, Dr. Marcelo Ajej, Professional Services Manager and Rodrigo dos Santos, 3M ESPE Dental Sales Representative.

The trip was long, but without any problems or fatigue. I was so happy, there was no way I could get tired! We arrived in St. Paul on June 1st and at night we were greeted with a delicious dinner in the hotel that we were staying. We were greeted by Simon Hearne, Vice-President - 3M ESPE International, one of the most educated and kind person that I have ever met. I was impressed by the importance of the meeting. Brazil is the only country to have a meeting itself, with only Brazilian professionals. I felt very proud!

The program was very intense for the three days that followed. On Tuesday morning, we head for the Innovation Center. The place is very beautiful! We were greeted by Simon Hearne and by Mitsi O'Neill, Global Scientific Affairs & Education Director.

We had several interesting lectures on different subjects, among them Universal Adhesive Systems, light curing, Bulk Fill Composites, Adhesive Cementation, Impression Materials and Gingival Retractors, Zirconia, Digital Dentistry and Prevention Products that make the difference. It was an immersion in knowledge, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

We did a tour through the Innovation Center. The feeling is like being in one of the Disney theme parks! We watched a video on the company's commitment to innovation on a 180 degrees screen! After that, we went to a room full of totems symbolizing each pillar of the company and how they relate to each other. It was a pity that we could not take pictures. Unfortunately, this part I will leave to your imagination!

We had the opportunity to manipulate and test lots materials! The hands-on on Universal Adhesive was different from all that I have ever done. We created specimens with bovine teeth and then Dan Krueger, Scientific Affairs Manager | 3M ESPE, performed bond strenght test right there, with a portable machine! Yes, that’s it: a portable testing machine! Imagine being able to use this device during a lecture, as a teaching tool!? I would love it!

We had the opportunity to manipulate the Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative. It is worth noting that this  resin is a different version of Filtek Bulk Flowable Fill, which is already available in the national market. The Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative has the same consistency of Filtek Z350 XT, and it is not available in Brazil, at least for a while! In the USA, it can be found in syringes or in capsules (to be dispensed using syringes like Centrix * ). According to 3M ESPE, it is possible to fill a cavity in a single increment up to 5mm, without causing contraction stress. We manipulated the capsule version of this resin. I still cannot understand why is it so difficult to our market to accept this design. The capsule facilitates the insertion of the material in the cavity, avoiding bubbles and contamination, being biologically safer. Especially in the case of Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative, considering that it can be inserted in a single increment, the version in capsules makes all the difference! It is the perfect combination between quality and convenience! The resin is easy to manipulate, it is soft and easy to sculpt, which are characteristics brought by the nanotechnology. I really liked the product and I confess that I am anxiously waiting its arrival in Brazil!

Another lecture that caught my attention was the one on the investments that the company is doing in prevention. You may think... prevention? What is new about prevention? Unfortunately, with the "boom" of Cosmetic Dentistry, this matter has been left aside and has been restricted to the Pediatric Dentistry. But prevention is for everyone! Caries disease chooses no age or gender. It is a socio-economic-educational issue. Much is being done in public health, but little is being invested in prevention in private clinics, health insurances, hospitals and homes for the elderly. Caries is a disease and should be treated and controlled as one. And only with control and prevention our rehabilitations will have clinical success! This is a fact! Some products in the prevention line of 3M can now be purchased in Brazil. They are: Clinpro Prophy Powder, the Clinpro sealant XT Varnish and the Toothpaste Clinpro 5000. The Clinpro Prophy Powder is a powder of glycine, a thin, soluble and minimally abrasive amino acid, which allows it to be used supra and subgingivally. It has a very pleasant, sweetish flavor and can be used with the same equipment you normally use for doing prophylaxis. The Clinpro XT Varnish is a product developed for the treatment of hypersensitivity. It is a glass ionomer with calcium and phosphate in its composition, available in a clicker system. It can be applied on the dentin surface without the use of rubber dam isolation and provides a sealing of the tubules for 6 months, on average. The Climpro 5000 is a toothpaste with 5000 ppm of Fluorine and Calcium Phosphate. The great advantage of this toothpaste is not just the availability of fluoride, but the TCP technology, which allows the calcium and phosphate ions to coexist with the fluoride ions separately. Keeping fluoride, calcium and phosphate available in same formulation is one of the biggest challenges, as the phosphate and calcium react among themselves. With the TCP technology these ions coexist in the same environment, and the phosphate and calcium are available to participate on the remineralization process! Isn’t it beautiful?! Innovation at the service of health! =) Important: the Climpro 5000 needs professional prescription, that’s why the only way to buy it is calling 3M ESPE, track 0800-770-7787.

Other materials and ideas under development were presented and discussed by the group. We were able to assess, give our opinion, express our needs to obtain better results in dental treatments. And every word of the group was considered with care by 3M Team. The exchange of information was intense and fantastic.

On the second day we did a tour at the R&D Facilities, where the research and development laboratories are. Simply charming! The architecture of the building is beautiful and refers to how the 3M works: integrate knowledge to stimulate innovation. Researchers from different areas of knowledge working together. Perfect for people who love to create! Our guide was Jessica Voss-Kehl, Technical Service Manager. I immediately bonded with Jessica! A very cheerful, smiling person, happy to be welcoming us! I didn't resist and asked for a picture with her! So cute! At the end of the tour we were able to do some shopping in an exclusive 3M store and I looked like a child in the middle of so many post-its!!! =) Until today the joke is on me!!! But I do not live without post-its!!! What would become of my timeline without these colourful charming sheets!?? =)

Our last lecture was with Dr. Alessandra O. Chiareli, Director-Global Dental Education and Training, which is Brazilian and has been living in the USA for many years! She went along with her family and ended up staying for good. Alessandra presented us a 3M ESPE Project of Continuing Education. A free access internet portal, where professionals from all over the world can sign up and have access to lessons, tutorials, and a pleth of knowledge on materials and technological development. I think that it is needless to say that I went crazy with this project! I truly believe that internet is a powerful tool for sharing knowledge. We only need to nourish it with quality material. And the only place in the world where this project already aired here in Brazil!!! I’m proud to be a pioneer!! The site is: Skin-Wound -Care /Home/HealthCareAcademy/Odontologia/Eventos/.

And if you still do not know the Program Webinar 3M ESPE - program of free online access courses - you can watch the 8 courses that have already happened on this link here:

And of course that our meeting was not only of work! The social program was complete, including  going to outlets, shopping malls and wonderful dinners! Our farewell was delicious with a boat ride, where the group could get closer! I learned a lot, enjoyed every minute and increased my circle of friends! An unforgettable trip! I can only thank 3M ESPE for the trust and the invitation! All of the professional services team and especially to Marcelo and Flávia, that were impeccable!!

I still need to share with you guys our visit to the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Minnesota. But this tour deserves its own post!!! =) I hope I have been able share with you a little of all that I have experienced during the Kol Meeting in St. Paul!!! 

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