How did it all begin?

How did it all begin?

It all started when I realized that I was not 100 % happy in my profession. I'm a dentist, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry | UNESP - Araçatuba, master and doctor in Dentistry by UNESP - Araraquara and I’ve been an university professor for 10 years now! Being in the classroom, studying, teaching, being part of research projects, have always made me very happy! But the university life is very different from it all! And the day to day administrative was killing me and I stopped being the excited person I used to be. I realized I was going through a professional identity crisis. But the worst was not realizing that, it was realizing that I did not know how to change that feeling, how to get out of the crisis. Parallel to that, on April I would turn 40 years old, and it was inevitable not stoping to reflect who I was and what I wanted for my life for the next 40 years!!!


I started thinking about my childhood, adolescence, youth, and I realized that I've always been a very creative person! I was always involved in a thousand different things: organizing and creating games with my friends, being an entertainer at children's parties. I loved the arts education classes from school, never missed an episode of Bambalalão program on TV Cultura, only to watch the puppet theater and DIY classes of professor Parapopó (I know most of you have never heard of this program - it is old, indeed - but it was so good)! But when I began to focus on the college entrance examination, I left all that aside! And the more I got involved with the college and the responsibilities of everyday life, the less I exercised my creative side! You can not imagine how painful it was realizing that I ignored the right side of my brain for so long!


Until one day I asked myself: what prevents me from being creative in my profession? Absolutely nothing!!! At that moment, I felt a burst of anxiety and happiness! I can not describe the exact time, but it was during all this emotion that the idea of setting up a blog was born: a space where I could talk about dentistry in a different and creative way! A free space to create, to invite friends to join this new game! A place where I could experience a new way of communication!

The result of all this is here: Blog Opalini! A project I've been working on, for a year and a half now, with a single goal: to be happy doing what I love! And consequently, to help you to be happy with me!


Welcome! This space is ours! It is an exchange of ideas and a creation tool! Become part of this project!

My purpose is to help you gain autonomy through knowledge, facilitating the dentistry and communication. AND how do I do this?

I put myself in your shoed, I identify what is preventing you from being happy with your results and untie the knots by means of a simple and accessible language! I graduated from UNESP | Araçatuba; did my Master and PhD in Operative Dentistry at UNESP Araraquara | I am a Professor of Operative Dentistry at the Federal University of Pelotas | RS.


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