BRB Matrix: Example of creativity in favor of Dentistry

BRB Matrix: Example of creativity in favor of Dentistry

My main goal with the Opalini Blog is to transmit the technical-scientific knowledge by means of a simple and accessible speech! For me to achieve my goal, it is essential to exercise daily the right side of the brain, the creative side! I think that is the reason I am always excited to meet creative people! It was what I felt when I got to know the BRB Matrix! =) 

But after all, what is the BRB Matrix and why is it so innovative? 

The BRB Matrix is a modification of the conventional technique for obtaining the lingual matrix, often used as a guide for composite restorations in anterior teeth. It was proposed by three excellent professionals, Gustavo Bertholdo, Weber Sad Ricci and Luis Gustavo Barrotte Albino (the initials of the surnames give origin to the name of the Matrix). The step-by-step technique was recently published by the authors in the International Journal of Brazilian Dentistry (Bertholdo G, Albino GB, Ricci WA. Clinic - International Journal of Brazilian Dentistry, Florianópolis, v. 10, n. 2, p. 24-30, apr./jun., 2014). This post was written from the reading of this article and the personal contact with one of the three authors, Gustavo Bertholdo, a special friend, who gave us the video and photos published on this matter. 

The lingual matrix classically known, is made of elastomer (example: silicone), by taking the impression of the palatine surface os the cast, that was previously waxed-up or by taking the impression of the restorative test performed directly in the mouth. In this way, the classical confection of the lingual matrix requires a greater working time, normally two clinical sessions, which often makes the treatment impractical, especially in cases that need to be completed in a single session.  

Thinking of a way to optimize the clinical time, without sacrificing the benefits of the use of a matrix, the authors propose a modification of the conventional technique to obtain the matrix, which can be instantly made, without the need for impressions, casts and laboratorial stages. 

The idea of the authors is simply BRILLIANT! And I am not exaggerating! You will agree with me after watching the video tutorial!!!

You can watch the use of the BRB Matrix in a clinical case, kindly assigned by Prof. Gustavo Bertholdo, on the link below. Very beautiful! 

Now it is up to you: is it or is it not a fantastic idea? Share your comments with us!! 

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Thank you, my friends, Bertholdo, Barrotte and Ricci for allowing our blog to share your idea!!! =) 

Team Opalini thanks you guys!!! 


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